Title Partners Staff

Our Title Processors are the main point of contact throughout a transaction. The processors receive escrow deposits and issue escrow letters, and prepare all of the files for closing by ordering necessary title work including but not limited to: title searches, surveys, estoppels, and lien searches.

–          Richard J. Adams, Esq.

–          Lydia C. Quesada, Esq.

–          Sheila Acosta, Esq.

–          May Girad

–          Ashley Linares

–          Shelly  Hart

–          Chelsey Delgado

–          Isabel Barrios

–          Maria Adams

–          Ricardo Adams

–          Monica Agnolin

–          Edward Kaskel

–          Darlene Gonzalez

–          Patty Mejia

–          Ernie Garcia

–          Carolina Nofal