Tough competition. Low listing inventory. Hesitant sellers. There are a lot of things working against real estate agents these days, especially if they’re not doing anything to help themselves. Those who can push themselves to discover the unique ways to find clients and create listings are the ones who are going to rise above the crowd and find success in any market. Here are 25 ways for real estate agents to get listings no matter where they are and how the market is doing.


Send a Newsletter

You’ve got contacts, why aren’t you using them? Rather than bombarding them with random emails, set up a newsletter that you send out every week. Fill it with useful information, including available homes, tips for selling homes, and advice about the best ways to list or sell a home. It’s bound to generate at least a few looks and leads, not to mention its the kind of thing that gets passed around to friends and family.


Facebook Live Event

Having a Facebook page is a no-brainer but there’s only so many articles and photos you can link to. If you want to do something that stands out, host a Facebook Live event. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Could be you in the field or just you in your kitchen. What’s important is that you’re providing good information or ideas and you’re putting your face in front of potential sellers. Plus, the video lives on long after you’ve recorded.


Join Online Groups

Social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have segments much of the internet but there are still plenty of subgroups and smaller places where people gather to talk shop. Look around for real estate or regional groups where you can join the conversation. Don’t bombard people with sales pitches. Instead, add value to the ongoing conversations. Ask questions. Provide feedback. And once you’ve established yourself, you can dig a little deeper.


Start a Blog

Another thing that many people assume is old news because of social media is blogging. Sure it’s not what it used to be but it’s still relevant enough. Create a blog on WordPress or Medium or even on LinkedIn. Update it regularly. Think about important questions to answer and how to show up in search results by using keywords. It’s also a great shorthand way to share info quickly when asked for it.


Segment Your Database

You’ve got all your Facebook followers, Twitter followers, and newsletter followers. Break them down by category. Whatever categories make sense, even if they’re not specific to home listings. So when you have something interesting to share about local food joint or a new ordinance in a certain town, you’ve got a specific, targeted list to hit with that information.


Search Social Media Hashtags

You never know what you’re going to find on social media. There are specific hashtags that people might use if they’re considering listing their home, such as #IWantToMove, #LookingToMove, #MakeMeMove, and more. Get creative in your searches and see what’s out there. Leave no hashtag stone unturned. Check Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


Go Behind the Scenes

A video is one of the best ways to connect with potential clients on the internet. Whether you’re holding an open house, touring a potential property, or walking through a sale, record it and use the video as a way to sell yourself and the benefits of the situation. Let people see how normal and simple the home selling process is as demystifying it will make it easier for them to say yes.


Keep in Touch

You helped a client sell a home three or four years ago. Why aren’t you keeping in touch with them? You might be missing out on an opportunity you didn’t realize existed. Maybe they have to move for a job. Maybe a life change requires them to sell. Maybe they’ve decided to buy a bigger place. The only way to know is to keep in touch.


Ask for an Introduction

Your contact list might not be interested in selling a home, but surely they know someone who might. You’ve cultivated a good relationship with these people, why not ask for the favor of an introduction to a friend or family member who might be interested in your services? There’s no better word-of-mouth and it’s right there in your contact list.


Be Social in Public

Every time you walk into a supermarket or hang out at a pool, you’re surrounded by potential listings. You don’t want to be salesly 24 hours a day but don’t be afraid to interact, introduce yourself, and engage whenever possible. You never know when a friendly conversation might lead to a discussion about a potential home sale.


Look for Expired Listings

People often try to sell a home themselves and it just doesn’t work out. You can usually tell if an FSBO listing has expired that something went wrong. That’s your opportunity to offer your services and make it more likely the home sells next time around. Don’t assume that just because someone went solo the first time they won’t take your help the next time around.


Invite Neighbors to Open Houses

If you’re hosting an open house in a neighborhood, there’s no reason not to invite every single neighbor who lives nearby. They might not be interested in buying this house but they might be interested in finding out how much it’s going for, how their home matches up, and what you’re doing to help it sell. From there, it’s your opportunity to prove you can do for them what you’re doing here.


Look for Empty Nesters

It stands to reason that older couples are eventually going to want to downsize or move into a retirement or active adult community. It doesn’t hurt to make yourself available and let them know you’re on standby whenever they’re ready. Doing so might be the nudge they need to list their home and start the process. Check the records to see who bought a large house 20 years ago and doesn’t need it anymore.


Stop by Garage Sales

Take a Sunday ride around the neighborhood and stop by any garage or estate sale you happen upon. Perhaps the owners are prepping for a move, or at the very least looking to declutter because they’re considering listing. Offer your expertise and start a conversation. Who knows, maybe someone who shows up looking for a chair ends up becoming your client instead.


Zillow’s Make Me Move Number

Homeowners can post their “Make Me Move” amount on Zillow and it’s basically an invitation from buyers and agents to see if they can meet or exceed it. Take a look at which owners are doing this, pick up the phone, and see what they have to say. They’re obviously motivated enough to do that, who knows what it might take to motivate them a little bit further. Ask to check out the home and go from there.



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