Refi Season is Red Hot

Refinance numbers have launched up above the peak of 2012. Today, there appear to be more than 8.7 million refi candidates in the market. This seems to be the result of the U.S. Treasury bond market which has seen a significant bump as investors…

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Court Deems Unconstitutional The U.S. consumer watchdog’s structure has been deemed unconstitutional by the U.S. Appeals Court. The court pointed out that too much power was put into the hands of one agency director. The Consumer Financial…

The Chinese Buyer

A New Profit Center It is no secret that China is the second largest economy in the world, but what many in South Florida are finding out is that they are using their resources to purchase property in the area. For many years realtors have…

The Complications Of Foreign All Cash Deals

US Treasury department has been busy since launching its newest anti-money laundering campaign. This time, the press has been on shutting down illegal funds entering the country from foreign investors. These investors, usually purchasing property…

Sales of new homes skyrocket to 2007 levels

This summer not only saw record-breaking heat across the nation, it saw new home sales reach levels not seen over the past nine years. Thanks to a surge in demand, a continuation of the low-interest rate environment, and low existing inventory…

The current state of the Florida Real Estate market

Florida's real estate market has followed a mixed pattern since the financial collapse nearly a decade ago. While there has been a significant recovery since 2008, data from the summer of 2015 shows continued increases, while some industry insiders have concerns.

Brunch and Learn

Thanks to everyone who came out this weekend for our Brunch and Learn! We discussed the new TRID guidelines, plus other changes to the real estate contract!  

Florida's new real estate investors

We all love living in Florida. The white sandy beaches, diverse culture, active lifestyle and idyllic climate make it the perfect destination to live, work and play. But we’re not the only ones who have found our slice of paradise. The United…

Brunch & Learn

A great turnout at the April Brunch & Learn!    

In The Biz Mixer

A great time was had by everyone at the In The Biz mixer. Be sure to join us next time!