Buying a home could come with a lot of anxiety and this can be exceptionally overwhelming especially for first time homebuyers. 

While this process can be exciting also, it can come with some potential pitfalls, a lot of which can have an effect on your life for years to come so you need to take care so as not to make these mistakes that are common amongst first-time homebuyers.

#1 Location

Location is super important when making a real estate purchase. This is one of the key drivers of value in buying a home. The location of your home can provide convenience to a lot of things and places and if you have kids or intend to have kids then you should be looking at somewhere that is closer to a school.

You’re also looking for somewhere that has an easy commute to work or places you like to go often as well as somewhere that would appreciate over the years. A great location would be high in demand by the time you are willing to sell at a later time or rent out.

#2 Ignoring Additional Expenses

These are unmentioned expenses that come with buying a home. A lot of first-time homebuyers only look at the initial price quoted by the seller without looking at additional expenses. This makes them spend so much more than was initially budgeted for the buying process.

There are various additional expenses like service tax, stamp duty, registration charges, maintenance deposit, parking space fees, brokerage fee. It is important to keep these fees in mind while planning your budget so you are not taken by surprise.

#3 Skipping the home inspection 

A lot of buyers are so excited that they skip the most important part of buying a home, which is the home inspection. Skipping a home inspection could put you in a lot of risks, both financially, physically and mentally if the home is not in a very good shape. If there are hazards that were not detected during the buying process it can take a toll on the buyer in the long run, things like mold, carbon monoxide etc can create a health concern in the long run or safety issues such as bad electrical wiring or plumbing problems can make you spend much more than was initially budgeted.

So before buying a home, it is important to hire home inspectors for a little fee to take a good look at the property you are about to purchase.

#4 Insurance

Most first-time buyers fail to protect their homes with lifetime insurance. Home insurance is intended to protect you financially if something happens to your property. The typical homeowner’s policy covers interior and exterior damages, loss of assets and injury sustained while on the property. This specific policy can also provide benefits such as legal costs and temporary accommodation.

Home insurance package policies are pretty much all-inclusive and can cover most risks a property owner is likely to encounter so when it comes to insuring your home, it is necessary to find a well informed broker and make some research to know what program works best for you.

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