For many years, it has seemed that new home builders were ignoring first time home buyers to focus on the most lucrative demographics in the middle to high-end home market. The housing market had made it apparent that in this post-recession time that prices are rising quickly and first time home buyers have been priced out.

Well, that seems to be a thing of the past. Not that the market is not seeing tremendous upside growth, but that home builders might be changing their target.

By spending years building homes for those with easy access to funds, less credit restraint, and high-end tastes they have created enough homes to meet demand while creating a shortage of smaller, more affordable homes. Reports are apparently shedding light on the fact that sales of medium size, single-family home sales have decreased up to 70%, while homes under $200,000 have increased dramatically.

As one would expect from any keen business person, one should follow supply and demand.

Statistics show that the job market has produced more income and the demand for home buying is there. Couple that with the fact that the number of sales units are decreasing and it becomes clear that the buyers are not willing or able to afford the larger, higher priced homes that have quickly become available via new home builds focused on the medium to higher end buyers.

Smart money follows the trends. The smaller, single family new homes market has been ignored for too long. It is time to build and profit from the clear demand of this overlooked market segment.