What was once the desire of the high-end luxury home might be becoming a thing of the past.


There are those eternal staples of true luxury homes that will never fade away. A breathtaking ocean view, lush greens of a PGA Tour golf course, and even the allure of Park Avenue. Then there are those fads that start as a “must have” to show off rich tastes that just fade into memory.


The home theater market has grown 50% since 2010 to almost $1.5 billion. Creating a personal IMAX experience showing first run movies is available for the top 1%, but that might not be enough.


Modern architects are saying that more and more clients are looking for fully immersive virtual reality experiences. Rooms turned into private holo suites where the person can stroll the beaches by day and Paris by night.


On the other end of the house is the shifting ideas of a master suite. It appears that Millennials are more into smaller places but increased privacy. It is not uncommon to see new developers include changing rooms outside the bathroom.


There is a new trend of “accessory apartments.” This is where parents buy a separate studio next to theirs to house this boomerang generation when they return home.


Lastly, the same trend seems to be leading to the possible disappearance of the gourmet, showplace kitchen. With more and more luxury take out services and the uptick of Amazon Prime. Homes will only need to keep the bare necessities.


Many architects are seeing these changes taking place more often than ever before. We will wait and see what the luxury home will look like in the next 5 to 10 years. It might be unrecognizable.