Most guess wrong.


A recent survey has been released for RealityShares, and it shows the highest performing asset classes since the turn of the century. The results demonstrate how these investments are as well known to the public as some had thought.


Real estate investing seems to be underestimated and could lead to an upswing for this offering.


When the surveyed were asked to choose what they believe the top investment classes were, the majority chose stocks while only 16% chose real estate.


RealityShares mentioned that those who responded to the survey might have been basing their opinion on the recent climb in the domestic stock market. Obviously, unbeknownst to them was the fact that real estate outperformed the S&P 500 by a ratio of 2 to 1.


The report did highlight the fact that the S&P has outperformed real estate in the last six years, but only 1.28%.


A Definite Hunger

The poll went on to show that almost half of the surveyed said that they would be more interested in investing in real estate if there were technology available that made the research and the transaction process easier. Those numbers jumped to 63% for the millennials.


The report showed some other interesting points:

  • 68% and 64% of men and women, respectively, thought that flipping homes a profitable endeavor.
  • Men were more likely to get involved in flipping home than women.
  • Those aged less than 45 were more positive about getting into flipping homes than those older.


Now, not all the results were as positive.


Almost three-quarters of those surveyed felt that real estate investing was more difficult a process than other investable assets.


About 70% said the higher cost outlay of real estate investing would likely hamper their consideration of investing. Less than 40% stated that they felt that they had the ability for flipping homes.


Get the full report here and dig through the numbers and facts.