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Miami-Dade County home sales continue to break records.  September 2021 has been our best September sales month ever! In addition to that, the close of September has registered 2021 as the best annual total Miami condo transactions, with three months of 2021 remaining to include.  

This leaves many realtors, buyers, and sellers asking us questions like: “How come the South Florida Market keeps getting stronger?” and, “How long will this buying frenzy last?”  To answer these questions, we need to look at what is going on in the market right now.

Miami and South Florida have always been a desirable location to move.  We have great weather year round, and the price per square foot is significantly lower compared to our Global Competitors such as: New York, London, Geneva, Hong Kong and Monaco.

Though there are a slew of reasons for the South Florida and Miami-Dade real estate market boom, almost all of them can be attributed to a post-COVID world.   Increased acceptance of Remote Based Employees allows people to get top paying jobs in states Like New York and California, while working from anywhere they like.   Unlike many other states Florida opened as quickly as possible after lockdowns.  

For those who are not at high risk and want the freedom to move around, it makes the sunny beaches and year round warm weather even more appealing for a remote work location to live.  Especially when they do not have to sacrifice their income to live here.  

As long as prime rates stay down and rent prices keep going up, buying a new home for South Florida locals is a smart investment.

Every week more companies are either moving their headquarters or opening a regional office here in South Florida.  This is likely due to Miami’s proximity with Latin America as well as filling the demands of the increasing population here in South Florida.  With more companies moving here, it creates more jobs which brings even more people moving here for work opportunities.

Foreign Buyers have been known to fuel buying frenzies in years past, especially in the Condo sector. However due to travel restrictions foreign buyers have been minimal since COVID lockdowns began.  With travel restrictions loosening for International Travelers in November of this year, we are likely to see an increased participation of foreign buyers in our booming real estate market

One of the only things keeping this current market from exploding even more is lack of inventory. Although the lack of inventory does help to drive the prices higher as current buyers have to compete over the available inventory, many times leading to bidding wars and sellers receiving much over asking than expected.

End of the year leading into the holiday season it is typical to see reduced inventory, with more inventory becoming available again at the beginning of next year.  Experts predict that 2022 will follow the same trend as potential home sellers become more comfortable listing and showing their homes.  Plus the number of homeowners in mortgage forbearance will drop and likely bring more inventory to the market as well.

With all these factors in play, South Florida remains as one of the most desirable places to move globally, and we are likely to see this trend continuing for some time at least well into 2022 if not longer.  

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