Man sentenced in ID theft fraud


November 2014 was the start of Kesner Joaseus’s new business in which he quickly became an overnight success. Joaseus pulled in over $380,000 leasing single-family houses all over Broward and Palm Beach counties. There was one small problem: The houses were not his to rent out according to the U.S. Department of Justice. It appears he had been renting out vacant homes without the owner’s permission.


The properties belonged to RHA 2 LLC, a Georgia-based firm. He created a company with a similar name and convinced unsuspecting renters that he was working for the real firm. Joaseus and two accomplices were involved. Wadno Dorneau and Miguel Tilus, were arrested for mail fraud and conspiracy to commit mail fraud.


Joaseus, who pleaded guilty in two fraud cases in July, had additional income streams according to federal prosecutors. He seemed to be scamming identifications to open fraudulent credit cards, buy two luxury cars and other items totaling over $260,000.


Joaseus, 47 was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 11 years in prison for the various scams he ran. This also included two 108 month sentences for the real estate fraud and additional years for the identity theft charges.


South Florida is a top ten area of the country in relations to fraud. Multiple millions of dollars each year are stolen from unsuspecting citizens and businesses. Various Federal agencies house large district investigation departments to monitor and shut down violators.