Decisions made in Tallahassee can affect South Florida Market


All eyes are fixated to the northern realms of the state. What seems to be a million miles away can dramatically affect life here in southern Florida.

The 2017 legislature is currently meeting, and local economists are keeping close tabs on the topics to be discussed.

Some of the issues include workers’ compensation in which lawmakers will discuss recent court rulings that make some aspects unconstitutional, the death penalty that has been on hold since 2016, and the potential to expand legalize gambling into eight additional counties.

Key issues such as how to go about implementing the voter-approved marijuana initiative, scaling back regulations in the healthcare industry, and discussions over the burden of proof in the “stand your ground” gun control laws will also be hashed out.

A great deal of the focus is on the state budget which includes over $600 million in tax cuts and increased spending for schools and hospitals, as well.

Lastly, the governor is looking to spend $160 million to increase tourism and small business initiatives to further grow the economy in Florida.

South Florida would be a huge benefactor to increased spending. The local economy depends on money brought in from tourism and the image of having a strong marketplace.

As businesses see success with more visitors and more money pours into the pockets of local employees, it should help sustain the steady housing market.

A thriving economy also helps attract investors, both domestic and foreign. Both would help prop up and grow real estate prices and sales.

All attention seems fixed on Tallahassee to see if positive moves can be made to better the State of Florida and build and sustain its local markets.