President Obama Eases FHA Concerns

  H.R. 3700 is now law. The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act was activated by the signature of President Obama back in July 2016. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) has lauded this bill as a significant step in creating…

Refi Season is Red Hot

Refinance numbers have launched up above the peak of 2012. Today, there appear to be more than 8.7 million refi candidates in the market. This seems to be the result of the U.S. Treasury bond market which has seen a significant bump as investors…

The complexities of real estate transactions can require a qualified attorney

Every day, people buy and sell property: homes, lots, commercial buildings and more. While real estate transactions take place every day, they are far from a simple handing over of property. The complexities of both residential and commercial real estate transactions requires the expertise of a qualified attorney.